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We listened to the sound of waves in our dreams. It could only make sense for us to build a brand that enhanced our love for the ocean. La Garzetta is a beachwear luxury brand with a minimalist aesthetic that’s inspired by nature.

La Garzetta exists as the result of the fusion between two Colombian souls. Chantal Sefair, born in the Caribbean coast, and Isabella Moreno, born in the Pacific valley. Our brand is the outcome of us becoming chosen family.

La Garzetta is defined by art and poetry. More than a brand, our desire is to create a movement dedicated to maintain our colombian roots alive. Thus, all of our garments are made by colombian hands using colombian fabrics.

La Garzetta souls and nomads are individuals moved by romance who desire to feel both, classy and sexy. All of our collections are tailored with special attention to detail as we have set our heart on making you fall in love with our creations. That’s why we’ve chosen high quality fabrics, rare colours and prints that tell a story while creating the perfect fit for you.

We hope our pieces make you feel confident every time you wear them.


Chantal & Isabella.