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A story of need 

Inspired by La Guajira, where the sun burns and the air suffocates.


Our first collection is dedicated to all the communities located in La Guajira, Colombia, who have suffered as a result of drought or sequía, in Spanish, recognized as a prolonged period of time during which water is scarce and so is life. A time through which only the strong survive, those who are capable of walking on burning soil, incinerate their skin with the blinding sun and inhale suffocating air. 
Throughout our creative process, we decided to employ warm colors such as yellow, terracotta, red and black with the sense of representing the spirit of a heated environment. Our goal was to create awareness of the need that takes place in Colombia while waking a sense of infatuation for a country that stays passionate through its pain.

The drought is feminine and powerful, just like you.

Forge your feminine natural power and prepare to bloom when the rain comes.